Kolbe Assessment

Most people are familiar with tools and tests that measure the cognitive (IQ) or the affective (personality) parts of the mind. The Kolbe Indexes measure the “conative” part of the mind and help people understand their conative strengths.

“We didn’t invent the conative mind. But our founder, Kathy Kolbe, and our team of psychologists have come to understand how it works and how to measure it. Your conative mind contains the instincts and innate attributes that define your natural method of operation (MO).

When you work in your natural style, you are more productive, more comfortable and more successful. We identify people’s instinctive strengths, explain them, analyze how they align with tasks and other people, and offer practical solutions for putting them into practice — from doing better in a job, to team performance, to personal relationships.”


I offer Kolbe assessments and coaching to improve individual performance and team dynamics. Learn more about Kolbe here: https://kolbe.com/kolbe-wisdom Contact me if you would like to learn more about how Kolbe can help your business.